Film program

  • Feature films

    Works that use the language of film to discuss events that a tapestry of histories of a people is made of; to talk about past and present; to explore conflicts, themes, and patterns of Jewish culture through the prism of authorship.


  • Documentaries

    Works that explore individual fates. Films in this program category are unified by a conversation about Jewish values, mutual influence of ideas and cultures, issues of identity, controversial images, and the emergence of stereotypes.


  • Short films

    Short feature statements and questions concerning the Jewish world, long gone, present, or yet to be.


Educational program

Conversation about Jewish culture has for a long time been built into Russian social, political, and philosophical discourse. That happened due to a multitude of reasons, from conditions and specifics of life of the Russian Jewry throughout the centuries, to the influence that scholars, politicians, аnd artists of Jewish origin had had on Russian history in general and on its everyday life. That is why it is so important and exciting for us to make Jewish Film Festival a platform for discussion that will allow the viewers to explore Jewish culture independently, by choosing events that they themselves find appealing.

Educational program will include lectures, discussions and workshops that aim at understanding who is the hero that was born by the Jewish culture and sang by its cinematography. We will have conversations with creators of the films from our program, film experts, writers, theologians and of course with each other.