Our team has united around idea of creating the Ekaterinburg jewish Film Festival for two reasons. Firstly, we all are strongly connected to the Ekaterinburg Jewish Community. Secondly, for each one of us cinematography is not just a professional interest, but a pathway to exploration. Together we are working on giving the Ekaterinburg auditory an opportunity to engage with the depth of jewish culture through films.

  • Egor Odintsov

    Egor Odintsov

    CEO & producer

    Producer of the Trilogy "Witnesses", CEO of the "Ark Foundation".

  • Konstantin Fam

    Konstantin Fam


    Writer, director and producer of The trilogy "Witnesses". Owner of many Russian and international film awards. Chairman of the "Ark Foundation"

  • Diana Nadarova

    Diana Nadarova

    Film Program Curator

  • Diana Grigorik

    Diana Grigorik

    Educational program curator

  • Elena Barkova

    Elena Barkova

    Executive Producer

    Head of Communications at KINOPOISK FILM MARKET, provides PR support and promotion services for Russian films at international film festivals, film markets, and awards

  • Margarita Voevodina

    Margarita Voevodina

    Executive Producer

    Specialist in the sphere of culture, cinema and show business, promotes domestic and foreign films, PR-support of festivals, concerts and theater projects.

  • Baikovich Valeriia

    Baikovich Valeriia

    Coordinator for work with partners and sponsors

  • Alexey Zaidman

    Alexey Zaidman

    Event director

  • Kirill Vozzhaev

    Kirill Vozzhaev

    Line Producer

  • Daria Tarasova

    Daria Tarasova

    Media Manager

    PR-specialist in the field of culture and cinema, is engaged in the promotion of domestic and foreign films.

  • Анна Городецкая

    Анна Городецкая

    Digital Director

    The co-founder of the digital advertising agency Gravity and the project, the head of the transmissions project of launching the Stanislavsky Electrotheater. Engaged in the development and promotion of cultural projects in the digital space.

  • Daria Hropacheva

    Daria Hropacheva


    Graphic designer, art director of PressPass. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State Institute of Architecture and Art. Surikov.