The 1st Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival will take place in Yeltsin-Center.

Yeltsin-Center becomes an official venue for the 1st Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival.

Yeltsin-Center is a social, cultural and educational center that opened in Ekaterinburg-City in 2015 with support of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center noncommercial organization. Yeltsin-Center is home to an art-gallery, a movie conference room, a bookstore, a cafe, an archive, a library, and a coworking space. The venues of the Center host lectures, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and other public events. There is a documentary film center operating in Yeltsin-Center’s movie hall.

We are delighted by our partnership with Yeltsin-Center. It is an important hub of Ekaterinburg’s cultural life, and we believe that our Festival, too, will become a significant cultural event for this city, 

— says Egor Odintsov, the Festival executive producer.

The Jewish Film Festival came to Ekaterinburg for the first time, and we are happy to announce Yeltsin-Center as its principal hosting venue. Our audience is mainly comprised of educated people with wide range of interests. They will definitely appreciate the opportunity to become familiar with achievements of Jewish cinematography that is distinguished by its deep thoughtfulness, emotional fineness, and high artistic level, 

— says Lyudmila Telen, first Deputy Executive Director of Yeltsin-Center.